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About Us

Life Never Enns LLC is a company that believes in using a person's skills and talents to the best of one's abilities, and since we have skills and talents in a number of different areas, we have chosen to diversify how we use them. This gives us the opportunity to offer a variety of services, and also allows us to find joy and fulfilliment in using the talents we have been given.

The owners of Life Never Enns LLC are a well suited team that bring a great combination of skill, witt, seriousness, organization, care, and artistic flair to all that they do, allowing them to work in Website Design, Nursing Education and Consulting, Music Performance and Education as well as voluntarily providing an inspirational blog that is updated daily. Previous experience in church work, community volunteerism, healthcare, education, retail, and as professional musicians give them a broad understanding of international culture and communication.

Peter and Mary Anne Enns and their family love to work with clients of various backgrounds and are known for their dedication to client satisfaction and their strong Midwestern work ethic. Please take a moment to visit the custom designed websites of the Life Never Enns LLC family and explore some of the unique features of LNE Web Services, Music Never Enns, Nurse Enns, and of course, It All Enns Here.

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